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Mount Mercy was founded on academic excellence, offering students a values-based curriculum. The university’s accomplished faculty and adjunct faculty guide students in exploring and working towards a more just, equal and peaceful world. Graduate program instructors focus their courses on providing the skills, knowledge, experiences, and confidence their students need to enhance their careers. 

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Faculty & Administration

Marcie Van Note, Doctoral Candidate
MBA Director, Graduate Programs  
Graduate Center 175A | 319-363-1323 ext. 1868 | mvannote@mtmercy.edu

Dr. Ayman Amer
Associate Professor MBA, Graduate Programs 
Graduate Programs | Basile Hall 260 | 319-363-1323 ext. 1308 | aamer@mtmercy.edu

Dr. Tom Castle 
Associate Provost & Executive Director for Academic Innovation
Graduate Programs | Basile 265 | 319-363-1323 ext. 1843 | tcastle@mtmercy.edu

Todd Hutcheson
Assistant Professor of MBA/Business
Graduate Programs | 319-363-1323 ext. 1554 | thutcheson@mtmercy.edu

Adjunct Faculty

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  • Brian Draeger, MBA 
  • Nancy Garberson, MOL 
  • Larry Long, PhD 
  • Steve Miller, MMA 
  • Paula O’Rourke, MBA 
  • Celina Peerman, PhD
  • Ellen Ramsey-Kacena, JD
  • Carl Shank, MBA
  • Jason Lee, MBA
  • Kristy Butterfield, MBA
  • Rogan Stoops, MBA
  • Cherri Spurlin, MSL
  • Deb Harrison, MSL
  • Allison Parr, MBA

“Mount Mercy makes it possible for working professionals to earn their MBA and still live a normal life. Mount Mercy offers a flexible block schedule, options for online courses, and accommodating professors to fit busy lives.” 

Jeff Popenhagen '19
Director of Marketing & Retail Sales
Amana Society, Inc

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Graduate Programs Admissions 
Mount Mercy University, University Center
1330 Elmhurst Drive NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Tyler Poldervaart, MSL 
Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions
University Center, 240CC
319-363-1323 ext.1652