Why Mount Mercy

Why choose Mount Mercy for your master’s degree?

Because we understand that you are much more than a graduate student. You’re also a full-time nurse, teacher, husband, mother, coach, volunteer, church member, frequent flier and season ticket holder. Your time is precious, and that’s why we’ve created Mount Mercy graduate programs that are flexible, convenient and focused.

Substance And Speed

At Mount Mercy, we prize substance along with speed.  We offer accelerated graduate programs that can be completed in 18 months to two years without sacrificing the face-to-face interactions and real-world perspective provided by experienced professors and a roomful of fellow working adults.

In-Demand Degrees

We offer master’s degrees that make sense in Eastern Iowa. If you’re a sales manager at a large firm in Cedar Rapids, our MBA program will put you on the path to promotion. If you’re a nurse in one of the region’s hospitals, the nursing education emphasis will qualify you for high-demand positions working with patients or nurse trainees. Working teachers know that Iowa schools are in great need of master’s level educators with endorsements in reading and special education. And our Marriage and Family Therapy program is the only of its kind in Iowa.

Master’s in Mercy Values

A Mount Mercy education stands for something. We were founded by the Sisters of Mercy, who teach justice, tolerance, peace and social progress through acts of selfless service. There is a “Mercy” component woven into each of our graduate programs. As an MBA candidate, you’ll work with local non-profits as a volunteer management consultant. As a nursing student, you’ll bring the benefits of preventative health care to underserved populations across the region. And as a person — of any faith or background — you’ll grow to appreciate the positive role you can play in your community.  

Contact Us

We’re here to support you. If you want to know more about our graduate programs, please contact gradprograms@mtmercy.edu or call 319-286-4420.